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Our current exploration is called ‘making sound sense of trees’.
Hear us on
Tuesday, 7 May at Oxford Improvisers, Loft Room, Old Fire Station, George St., Oxford OX1 2AQ at 7.30pm
Next performance*%22 3-12-12
Sunday, 2 June at Hot Numbers Cafe & Art Gallery, Unit 6, Dales Brewery, Gwydir Street, Cambridge CB1 2LJ at 6pm
Friday, 14 June, at the Ashmolean Museum. Oxford, in a benefit event for MISS Foundation

Watch this space for further information.

Saturday, 20 July, at a central Oxford venue.  Benefit concert. More details to follow.

Fractofusus create the world of tree sound. The vibrations, the waves, the sounds that surround them- a bee buzzing, whishing wind, the touch of rain on a leaf, an aphid’s wing, a crawling insect. This collection of improvisations will open your ears to a sensory sound of trees.

The ancient life form known as Fractofusus was able to feed efficiently from the surrounding ocean by means of its fractal fronds. Similarly, the different musical backgrounds of these musicians meld in performance, creating an original, varied sound in which musical ideas feed off each other in continuous response to the immediate environment.

The five women musicians of Fractofusus met through the Oxford Improvisers. They use improvisation, music scores, extended vocality, individual and collaborative composition, pitched and unpitched sounds in performances of experimental and new music, ranging in style from conventionally notated scored and semi-scored pieces to completely free improvisation.

Musicians: Anne L Ryan (voice/vocals, crystal bowl), Camilla Cantata(trombone/piano/vocals), Jill Elliott (fiddles/vocals), Trish Elphinstone(saxophone/vocals), Amy Thakurdas (french horn, tibetan bowls, percussion, voice)

Our header image was painted by Trish Elphinstone.