Fractofusus was a primitive life-form somewhere between a plant and an animal. Its fern-like fractal fronds enabled it to gather a range of nutrients from the surrounding ocean and process them into something new. Our name describes how we absorb, embody and express our music as a new sound.

We are women composers who perform our own new music, both improvised and scored. The ‘fractal fronds’ of our musical background have comprised influences from Irish, Indian, Hawaiian, Native American, Romany, Eastern European, English Traditional, Arabic and Western classical music.

Since our foundation in 2011 we have performed together in a variety of venues from a gallery in Cambridge to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. Our style of music is attracting a wider audience with each performance.



Anne L Ryan (voice/vocals, crystal bowl),

Camilla Cantata (trombone/piano/vocals),

Jill Elliott  (fiddles/vocals),

Trish Elphinstone (saxophone/vocals).

In addition,  Amy Thakurdas (French horn, Tibetan bowls, percussion, voice), was an active member of the group throughout 2013, and participated fully in the preparation, performance and production of our CD, Making Sound Sense of Trees.


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