Camilla is a composer and improviser, member of Oxford Improvisers and co-founder of Footloose Community Arts ( She has collaborated with artists from many diverse backgrounds and recorded the album ‘Meeting Point’ with classical khayal singer Neela Bhagwat from Mumbai.

Other compositions include Spring Peeper, for 100 voice choir, (Brighton Festival, 2007), Trident, a British War Crime (oratorio for SATB), solo piece Towards Flowering (written and performed during residency at Lanternhouse, Cumbria, 2005), opera Carbon Chronicles (most recent performance at CARAD, Rhayader, April 2012), and children’s musical ‘Bugs Came First’ (October 2012).

She performs occasionally with Oxford Improvisers and has regularly contributed to the Oxford Improvisers Cohesion Festival.

Last year she co-founded Radnor Improvisers with five other musicians based in Radnor.

Latest CD, Songs for Interesting Times, is available to download at


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